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'The music of this song pulled me in and the vocals have captivated my heart and my soul. Roos Meijer’s honest and distinctive writing style is so impressive and her vocal performance made me have to rewind the song over and over again the first time I heard it.'

                                                                                                                                 YELLOW & BLACK

Angelic. In-depth. Revelry profound. Throws into the vacuous and injects a permanent beauty of dark and the glorious. Let’s love what Roos offers our souls.


In a period of great uncertainty, like this ongoing “pandemic era”, even the stronger ones are in search of emotional oasis. Dutch, alt folk singer-songwriter Roos Meijer is releasing ‘Calm Me Down‘; a unique, experimental treat, free from genre boundaries. Minimal, immediate, eerie, soothing and utterly moving,

                                                                                                                                       Last Day Deaf

Op de EP worden kwetsbare en indringende verhalen verteld onder de begeleiding van een mengelmoes aan westerse en oosterse klanken, de samenkomst van haar belevenissen in Griekenland. Onheilspellende altviolen, de tokkel van een akoestische gitaar en de prachtige stem van Roos Meijer die zich een weg baant door het kale landschap van de instrumentatie.

 The Daily Indie

Listening to the set of 'Maktub' is an emotional experience, hopefully raising awareness for refugees all over the world. It’s a crossover between different musical styles (folk, classical, world music, singer-songwriter) and brings something new to the music world.

Burning Man Netherlands

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