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Roos Meijer


The sincerity of Roos Meijer’s alt-folk finds a way to the heart of even the most casual listener as she lends her voice to extraordinary but unheard people from around the world. Drawing inspiration from a diversity of genres, including folk, classical, indie-rock, and Arabic music, Roos bridges many rivers of the musical landscape and leads you to new pastures. With an understated but profound sense of detail, in both song and arrangement, her music finds and navigates emotional fine lines that are seldom expressed in popular music.


Roos’ debut LP, ‘Why Don’t We Give It A Try?’, is set for release in November 2021 and is inspired by conversations with eight societal changemakers for causes relating to climate, anti-racism, feminism, human rights, orphans, LGBTQ+ youth, and homelessness. Filled with eclectic but integral arrangements, each song creates a fully realised sonic culture within the wider world of the album and, through the unique empathy of Roos’ artistic voice, comes from a place of genuine earnestness and societal duty.

The four singles of the album have been released in 2021, and have received many positive reviews in international media. In the mean time, Roos was selected as one of the artists of Popronde, the Dutch traveling festival for upcoming artists. On November 12th her debut album 'Why Don't We Give It A Try?' was released. In 2023, Roos has the honour of performing a concert alongside the prestigious Residentie Orkest in Den Haag. For the concert, she’ll draw from her full repertoire and play her full solo repertoire.


Back in 2018, Roos released her debut EP, ‘Maktub’, a work inspired by the people she met while working in refugee camps in Greece. 'Maktub' combines Eastern and Western pop music to provide insight into the experiences of refugees. All profits from the project are donated to Sounds of Change, a Dutch organisation who lead music lessons in refugee camps.

In 2020, Roos released two new singles: 'Made For Loving You' in June, a song inspired by the unconditional love between parents and children that she observed while working in refugee camps, and ‘Calm Me Down’ in November, a stunningly immersive piece of music that takes you into her experience of anxiety.

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